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Fitness is not about a number on the scale or the tag on your jeans. It's about renewing your mind and breaking away from that which has been keeping you from a better life. Faithful Workouts has helped many women through our fitness and nutrition programs. Don't wait, get fit and live all that God has for you today! 

Fitness is Not a Dress Size

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We have a full assortment of individual and group exercise and nutrition material, DVD's and equipment.

Faithful Workouts

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Success in Numbers

Has it been a while? We know that mountain and have beginner programs designed to get the wheels turning again.

Where to Begin?

When women connect with others, they reach fitness goals 50% more often!


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What They are Saying...

I stumbled upon this program by "accident" ... it was perfectly planned by God... I've lost 50lbs and no longer require high blood pressure medicine.   - Kasey